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10.14.2007 - 2:17:00 PM - Couture: "It's not a retirement"

Randy Couture has responded to a statement from UFC president Dana White that he has retired from the UFC again. Never in his statement to the UFC did he say that he retired and its basically been used by the UFC to try to downplay the situation. Check out this excerpt from The Fight Network.

UFC president Dana White tagged Couture's decision a "retirement," citing the 44-year-old's departure from the sport in 2006 before returning in March 2007 to reclaim the heavyweight title from lumbering 6-foot-8, 265-pound Tim Sylvia. "It's not a retirement," said Couture Friday, who also works as on-air analyst and ambassador for The Fight Network. "Its a resignation from the UFC organization."

Hopefully Dana White will see that its not a "Retirement" and quite trying to pull the curtain over the fans eyes. Honestly, I hope they can work something out. Anything to get away from this negative publicity. You just don't need one of your biggest stars completely severing ties with your organization. Maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't Captain America.

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