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Senior Citizens

12.06.2005 - 12:32:00 AM - Senior Citizens

When working at a catering service during Christmas time, well from about thanksgiving to new years your life is filled with many hours washing dishes, bitchy people, and the occasional bowl of marijuana. No no, there's no full frontal male nudity like in Waiting… Thank God. I understand this concept and I welcome it for the simple fact that you can make quite a bit of money as well.

I'm at work tonight, and I listen to my iPod at work before I start serving. This lady comes up to me and asks me how I could hear what everyone was saying to me with those things in my ears, meaning the earphones. I said I didn't have the volume very loud and I have good ears. Trying to be nice to the senile old person. By the way, we catered the AARP, or the cult of old people. We ran out of coffee because those old bastards sucked it down like there was no tomorrow. In between the bitching about not having regular coffee and only have decaf coffee, we ran out.

It was totally my fault I spilled a huge jug of coffee in the parking lot. My dumbass was trying to fit 10 pounds of shit on a roller that could only hold 5 and I tipped the coffee over. The coffee ran out of the jug faster than a crack head running to his next fix. I grabbed it up and there was about half a jug left and a broken lid. So it was my fault we ran out.

The same senile old person that asked me about my headphones had to bring it up to my dad. She started complaining about running out of coffee and throwing a fit. My dad explained the situation and she still acted like an old bitch. I just don't understand what drives some people to act so rude to other people when things happen. It was an accident so get over it. I often try to say to myself "This is someone's Grandmother/Grandfather" but this lady deserves what she's got coming to her. There are 3 other drinks up there for your choosing so pick something else.

I've just had too many altercations with these old fuckers and I guess they're getting on my nerves. I know your old but don't hate me because I'm young. I know there are plenty of pleasant old people out there too. I'm just talking about the mean ones. They know who they are…

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.tanner - 1 comments - Post a Comment

::. comment: that's too funny, and unfortunate at the same time, shitty. it kinda reminds of this old woman a few years ago that actually fought me to get ahead of me to get on a bus, pushed and shoved me, fought some more on the bus, and continued into the subway. it was pretty embarassing actually me fighting with this tiny old lady, but she was super feisty. what can you do, they're everywhere...lol

- Blogger bluesky669 : 6/12/05 5:53 PM  

10.24.2005 - 1:31:00 AM - DOOM

So I was waiting in line today to get my tickets to the DOOM movie. Some guy cups up behind me in line and stands 2 inches away from me. You know when someone is standing right up on you, you can just feel it. In situations like this I think to myself now if that was me would I be standing on top of the dude in front of me? No, as a matter of fact I'm not doing that to the person in front of me. I didn't say anything but one of these days I'm going to turn and say excuse me could you please step the fuck off my balls. I bid you fucking Adieu.

It's craziness like that that irritates me. Ohhh, and then when I got to the theatre it was pretty fuckin' packed so that always sucks. I spot a seat about half way up the stadium seating and take the very end seat as to not sit directly in front or behind another person. As the movie starts to play and I get to see a badass trailer for Underworld: Evolution a lady trudged along up the steps I saw her come to a halt right behind me. Ohhh, and I know there are open seats behind me and to the left she decides to sit her ass right behind me. And I can feel her behind me. I feel the presence. I also feel her kicking the shit out of my seat while I'm trying to enjoy this marvelous trailer that has Kate Beckinsale running around kicking ass in leather.

So I'm sitting there enjoying the movie when someone decided to join us halfway through it. No big deal right she's not going to sit beside me or cause me to move. Well fuck no that can't happen. She comes up right beside me and once again I can feel her presence behind me. She then feels its right to carry on a conversation with the lady behind me kicking my chair. It was a fantastical experience.

As if things couldn't get any more interesting there's a baby. I know that babies are cute and they can't help themselves but DOOM is rated fucking R. What is a baby doing at a rated R movie? As a matter of fact there were tons of youngin's at this movie.  Somebody finally got tired of the baby bitching and said out loud "The baby has to go". I almost laughed. He just said what everyone else was thinking.

Even with the distractions DOOM wasn't a bad movie to watch. It wasn't great by any means and it kinda sucks the rock ends up being one of the infected fuckers but overall it was pretty cool. The first person view, although it was short, was pretty impressive. It was definitely the coolest scene in the movie.

I watched the 2nd game of the World Series tonight. Damn that was interesting. Walk off home run in the bottom of the ninth for the chi sox. After Konerko brought them back with a grand slam. If I was a gambling man my money would be on the Sox.

I'm counting down the days until I'll be back in Waynesboro. Remember, remember the first of November. I got so much shit to do and I just hope my jeep makes it across the US. If you want to make a donation, send me an email and we'll set something up.

I'm pretty much out of shit to say, so leave me a comment if you feel like it.

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.tanner - 4 comments - Post a Comment

::. comment: Thats insane, i hate it when people stand right next to you or sit near you when theres loads of seats left etc. If you do say to someone please step the fuck off my balls please get it on film and show us, it will be hilarious i would love to see the look on their face.

Oh and i know this hasnt got anything to do with this article but awesome web site!

- Blogger joe m : 24/10/05 9:07 PM  

::. comment: Thanks man, yeah I just had to write about it. I think it was more spurred on my listening to Dane Cook a lot lately and how he talks about shit, Its pretty funny. If you haven't heard Retaliation then Listen to that by Dane Cook.

- Blogger tanner : 25/10/05 4:38 PM  

::. comment: Theres nothing worse then assholes that don't think of others only themselves in those situations! DOOM sounds alright though, doesn't come out for a while over here though!

- Anonymous Josh : 25/10/05 6:11 PM  

::. comment: DUDEEEEE omg okay i know what you're talkign abotu about the dane cook and i have in my away message i'm going to bid this place fucking adieu becuase its from a dane cook sketch on retaliation but idk what one....do you have any idea? if you do email it to me PLEASEEEE ldg2459@lycos.com thanks honey

- Anonymous Anonymous : 6/1/06 9:15 PM  






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