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UFC 79 Salaries and Bonuses
UFC 79 Weigh-in results
UFC 79: Sokoudjou vs Lyoto Machida official
Sokoudjou Rumors

12.31.2007 - 2:13:00 PM - UFC 79 Salaries and Bonuses

MMA Junkie got the salaries for UFC 79 as well as the bonuses. Here's the salaries for the night*:
  • Georges St. Pierre ($160,000) def. Matt Hughes ($100,000)
  • Chuck Liddell ($500,000) def. Wanderlei Silva ($150,000)
  • Eddie Sanchez ($46,000) def. Soa Palelei ($5,000)
  • Lyoto Machida ($60,000) def. Rameau Sokoudjou ($40,0O0)
  • Rich Clementi ($28,000) def. Melvin Guillard ($10,000)
  • James Irvin ($16,000) def. Luis Cane ($5,000)
  • Manny Gamburyan ($20,000) def. Nate Mohr ($6,000)
  • Dean Lister ($22,000) def. Jordan Radev ($5,000)
  • Roan Carneiro ($10,000) def. Tony DeSouza ($7,000)
  • Mark Bocek ($6,000) def. Doug Evans ($3,000)

The total disclosed payroll for UFC 79 was a $1,199,000.

$50,000 bonuses were handed out as follows:
  • Fight of the Night: Chuck Liddell and Wanderlei Silva
  • Knockout of the Night: Eddie Sanchez (wtf?)
  • Submission of the Night: Georges. St Pierre for defeating Matt Hughes by armbar.

*Note: The figures do not include deductions for items such as insurance, licenses and taxes. The figures do not include money paid by sponsors. They also do not include any bonuses paid to some of the main-card fighters who sometimes earn a small cut of pay-per-view revenue. They also do not include other special/non-disclosed bonuses the UFC sometimes pays.

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12.28.2007 - 10:08:00 PM - UFC 79 Weigh-in results

Official Weight in results for UFC 79:

  • Georges St. Pierre (170) vs. Matt Hughes (170)
  • Chuck Liddell (204) vs. Wanderlei Silva (205)
  • Soa Palelei (262) vs. Eddie Sanchez (239)
  • Lyoto Machida (204) vs. Rameau Tierry Sokoudjou (205)
  • Rich Clementi (155) vs. Melvin Guillard (156)

  • Luis Cane (205) vs. James Irvin (205)
  • Nate Mohr (155) vs. Manny Gamburyan (155)
  • Jordan Radev (185) vs. Dean Lister (186)
  • Roan Carneiro (170) vs. Tony DeSouza (170)
  • Doug Evans (155) vs. Mark Bocek (155)

Check out the weigh in video here.

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11.15.2007 - 12:31:00 PM - UFC 79: Sokoudjou vs Lyoto Machida official

UFC.com officially announced that Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou has signed with the UFC and will make his octagon debut at UFC 79: Nemesis against Lyoto Machida.

Sokoudjou came out of no where earlier this year KOing Antonio Rogerio Noguiera and Ricardo Arona for PRIDE. Since the UFC acquired PRIDE his status has been in limbo. It was originally thought that he would sign with EliteXC but after that fell through he was rumored to be looking into K-1. The last I heard he was going to sign with them up until earlier this week rumors circulated that he made the decision to fight in the UFC. UFC.com officially made the announcement today.

Here's the rumored fight card so far:

  • Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes (for welterweight title)
  • Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei Silva
  • Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs Lyoto Machida
  • Rich Clementi vs. Melvin Guillard
  • Manny Gamburyan vs. Nate Mohr
  • Dean Lister vs. Jordan Radev
  • Roan Carneiro vs. Tony DeSouza
  • Mark Bocek vs. Doug Evans

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11.13.2007 - 9:52:00 PM - Sokoudjou Rumors

Today's been a busy day regarding Sokoudjou. HACNews.com kicked it off with an interview with the african assassin. It's your pretty standard interview but you know something was up whenever he let the cat out of the bag on this one:

LC- Before I let you go are there any sponsors you want to mention, any websites or anything else to plug, and anything you want to say to your fans anxiously awaiting your return to the ring?

RS- I would like to thank Light Force for all the support. Also fans can reach me at www.africanassassin.com or on myspace at www.myspace.com/african_assassin. And I'll be back not in the ring but in the cage DEC 29th in Vegas!
The only event that I know of that is going down December 29th in Vegas is UFC 79: Nemesis. Apparently it has been rumored that he would fight Lyoto Machida. Now wouldn't that be one hell of an addition to the fight card.

MMA Mania dug a little deeper and came out with this:

Not the case, according to Team Quest officials in Murrieta, Calif. However, the bout is "in the works."

According to our reliable source, no bout agreements have been signed despite indications that both sides are very close to hammering out a deal. "These things fall through all the time," he warns.

It's important to note that at press time Sokoudjou hasn't even been signed to a UFC contract.

He has made a decision, however, to fight for the UFC. Other offers from EliteXC and K-1 were "flaky." In addition, the Team Quest management team feels that his best long-term interests will be served fighting in the United States.
Dave Meltzer also had this to say about the Sokoudjou rumors:

Regarding rumors of Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou fighting in UFC, there is no contract signed, but his deal with Hero's did fall apart and UFC is interested in him and talks have begun. There are talks of a potential fight with Lyoto Machida on 12/29, but it's nothing more than talk at ths point.

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