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Takanori Gomi signs with World Victory Road
Scott Smith signs with EliteXC; Debuts in February
Okami re-signs with UFC
Jake Shields signs long term extension with EliteXC
Evan Tanner back in action?
Babalu signs non-exclusive deal with Xcess Fighting
Fedor Emelianenko officially signs with M-1 Global
UFC 77: Brock Lesnar signs with UFC
The Big Dog signs six fight contract with UFC

1.31.2008 - 3:18:00 PM - Takanori Gomi signs with World Victory Road

MMA Junkie got word that Takanori Gomi has signed with World Victory Road and will compete at the inaugural Sengoku event on March 5th. The comes on the heels of Five Ounces of Pain recently revealing that a deal with the UFC and Takanori Gomi had fallen through.

Although the UFC was a suitor, former PRIDE lightweight champion Takanori Gomi (27-3) has instead signed with the Japanese-based World Victory Road and will debut for the organization on March 5.

The signing was announced today during a press conference in Tokyo, Japan.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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12.13.2007 - 1:20:00 AM - Scott Smith signs with EliteXC; Debuts in February

EliteXC issued a press release regarding the signing of former UFC fighter Scott Smith (11-4, 1-3 UFC). The deal appears to be a long term deal but how long that is unknown, 4 to 6 fights maybe? but thats pure speculation. Smith should make his debut with EliteXC in February.

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11.21.2007 - 8:51:00 PM - Okami re-signs with UFC

There was a lot of speculation that the UFC would let middleweight contender Yushin Okami go due to his not so exciting fight style. The last fight on his contract was at UFC 77 against Jason Macdonald. After a month or so without any word of what was going on with Okami MMA Junkie got word that he has in fact resigned with the promotion.
MMAjunkie.com today heard from UFC Vice President of Talent Relations Joe Silva, who stated that Okami has inked a new deal with the organization.

The length of the contract and financial terms of the deal were not released, and Okami could not be reached for comment.

This could possibly set up a rematch with Anderson Silva if he gets past Dan Henderson in March.

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11.10.2007 - 12:29:00 AM - Jake Shields signs long term extension with EliteXC

EliteXC.com is reporting that they have signed Jake Shields to a long term extension. There's no details as of yet on the terms of the contract.

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11.09.2007 - 12:43:00 PM - Evan Tanner back in action?

Sam Caplan got word that Evan Tanner posted a message on his myspace page saying he signed a 4 fight deal with the UFC. Here's the blurb:

November 8, 2007

Evan Tanner Returns to UFC

Former Middleweight Champ Back in '08

K.A.O.S. caught up with former UFC Middleweight Champ Evan Tanner who broke the news that he signed a 4 fight deal with UFC. Date, time and opponent still to be determined.

Listen to interview at:


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11.02.2007 - 10:17:00 AM - Babalu signs non-exclusive deal with Xcess Fighting

According to MMA Junkie Babalu has signed another Non-exclusive contract with Xcess Fighting. He'll make his debut with Xcess Fighting at a Dec. 12 event, the organization today announced. It'll be Sobral's first fight since UFC 74. Babalu held onto a Anaconda choke after his opponent David Heath had tapped forcing him to pass out. Subsequently Babalu was released from his UFC contract and the athletic commission held his 25,000 win bonus.

Babalu recently made the announcement that he had signed with Strikeforce at their event at the Playboy mansion this past month. He has also signed a deal with Hardcore Championship Fighting, an organization out of Canada.

Babalu has always been one of my favorite fighters and it'll definitely be good to see him back in the ring. If he strings together a few wins outside of the promotion he could possibly be back in the UFC. I don't think it'll happen anytime soon but I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Babalu back in the octagon at the end of 2008.

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10.23.2007 - 11:06:00 AM - Fedor Emelianenko officially signs with M-1 Global

Its been rumored for a couple of weeks now but yesterday Fedor Emelianenko held a press conference at Marc Ecko Enterprises in New York. He announced that he had signed a six fight, 2 year deal with M-1 Global, formerly M-1 Mixfight run by Fedor's manager Vadim Finkelstein.
MMAJunkie.com has learned that M-1 is currently trying to secure a TV deal and that they will be announcing other fights on their roster in the next 7-10 days. Here's a few interesting comments about who Fedor could possibly fight and a an interesting contract clause:

"We're looking for the best opponents available (for Emelianenko)," said Monte Cox, one of MMA's top fighter agents who today was named chief executive officer of M-1 Global. "There's a couple guys who we heard became free. I don't know. It's just a rumor."

The tongue-in-cheek comment was likely in reference to Randy Couture, the UFC heavyweight champion who abruptly resigned from the organization earlier this month. UFC President Dana White continues to label it a retirement, though Couture says he will fight again. During media events this past weekend at UFC 77, White said he will not release Couture from his contract. Couture has two fights remaining on the deal, and White hinted that the matter will likely have to be settled by the courts.

When asked about Couture at today's press conference, Emelianenko admitted that he'd like to fight the 44-year-old UFC hall-of-famer.

"These days, he's the strongest fighter," Emelianenko said through a translator. "It would be an honor for me to fight him... whether it's in cooperation with the UFC or not."

As part of his new deal, Emelianenko will be allowed to fight outside the organization. Additionally, he requested - and received - a special clause in his contract that requires M-1 Global to offer the UFC heavyweight champion $1 million more than what the UFC offers for a fight with Emelianenko.

Emelianenko specifically mentioned that clause when a reporter asked him about rumors he was unwilling to fight certain opponents, such as Tim Sylvia, if he were to sign with the UFC.

"I hope (that clause) demonstrates how I am not afraid to fight anyone," Emelianenko said.

Head on over to MMAJunkie.com to read the rest of the article.

You can find out more info about M-1 Global at http://www.m-1global.com/

Here's even more linkage:

Eckotv.com has an entire video of the press release here.

Fight Opinion has an entire article on announcement of M-1 Global aswell.

More thoughts from Dave Meltzer at Yahoo! Sports.

MMA Weekly has info here and here.

Sherdog.com has the video of the press conference here. As well as some pictures here. They also have an article about monte cox here, and an article by Josh Gross here.

Five Ounces of Pain has tons of coverage of the press conference. Check out there thoughts over at fiveouncesofpain.com

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10.20.2007 - 11:30:00 PM - UFC 77: Brock Lesnar signs with UFC

Announced tonight during the UFC 77 PPV, Brock Lesnar has signed with the UFC. He didn't name specifics or who his first opponent would be. You can read the official press release by the UFC here.

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10.18.2007 - 10:35:00 AM - The Big Dog signs six fight contract with UFC

Graciemag.com has the skinny on whats been going on with Renzo Gracie black belt Ricardo "The Big Dog" Almeida since his return fight with CFFC was cancelled. According to graciemag's report The Big Dog has signed a six fight deal with the UFC. After Saturday's championship fight the UFC's middleweight divison will be up in there air. There's really no other immediate contender besides Rich Franklin, and if he loses I doubt we'll see a Silva vs Franklin III. Almeida's signing gives some much needed depth to the middleweight division. Here is the report in its entirety:

On first hand for GRACIEMAG.com, Ricardo Almeida revealed that he has just signed a six fights contract with UFC. Cachorrao is considered one of the most talented fighters today. The comeback of Renzo Gracie's black belt to MMA was scheduled to happen early this month at Cage Fury Fighting Championship, but the event never came through. Therefore, Cachorrao negotiated a deal with Dana White.

Before signing, Almeida looked into five different offers. His first bout should be scheduled for the beginning of 2008. "The final goal of my return was to get to the UFC, so I thought why not go straight there at once," said Cachorrao to GRACIEMAG.com.

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